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Hayley Hinshaw | Co-op Spotlight

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Hayley is a third year, pre-junior student in UC’s DAAP program.

"You won’t love every single co-op or job you get, but learning from the experience is the whole reason you’re there." -Hayley Hinshaw

What is your major/minor? Graphic Communication Design

What year are you? Pre-Junior (3rd year)

What company are you co-oping with? Lexmark

What is your position? Visual Design Co-op

Brief job description: I help the company with its visual identity in the products it makes. Whether it is a new icon for a system, or a new home screen for the printers they make for their clients. I help both the Visual Design and UX (user experience) teams collaborate on new ideas for the company.

Why did you choose the company? I chose this company because I didn’t know anything about UX design. This company fully relies on a good user experience for its customers, so learning more about this topic in the field is something I was looking for in a co-op.

Where are you located? Lexington, Kentucky

Coolest/most brag-worthy thing you’ve accomplished on co-op? Nothing yet, but I am working on it.

What is your dream job? Disney Imagineer/Animator

What is your favorite thing about the city you’re in? I am close to my family. I never really realized how much I didn’t see them until I moved back here. (Remember to call your moms!)

How did you find your living situation (apartment etc)?I was given an apartment by the company I work for. However, for my last co-op, I was in Dallas and I had to find living there. I used a lot of apartment websites to find the best deal on such a short lease. (, Zillow, etc.)

How many places have you co-oped? Name the companiesI have had two co-ops now. My first was in Dallas, TX with Corgan, and my second one is here at Lexmark.

What do you look for in a potential employer?I look for a good work environment. No one truly likes the 9-5 life, so having a nice place to work and interact with your co-workers in a must. I also look for an employer that wants to help me grow in the field I’m in. The whole point of a co-op is that you get real experience in your field. Your employer should want you to learn how to make it in that industry.

Interview tips:Breathe, if you don’t breathe your heart rate will go up. And if your heart rate goes up, you could start sweating (no one wants this).Make sure you also have questions prepared for them. It makes you look organized and that you put effort into the interview before it even started. (ex: What types of projects would I be working on? What type of work did the last co-op do here? How would you describe your work environment?)Going back to being prepared, study up a little on the company. You don’t need to be an expert on them but knowing a little could go a long way.Smile.

Where to search for internships/co-ops?I was given a specific list by my co-op advisor to choose my co-op. Another way you can get one is seeking a company you’re interested in and apply. You should explain how your co-op works and also describe why you would want to co-op there in the first place.

What do you miss the most being on co-op?My friends and sisters!! It is very hard to go through 4 months without you guys around all the time. It is very hard to not be involved with much, but knowing I get to be back in January is good motivation.

Best part about being on co-op?The experience and learning more about the field I am in. (Also $$$)

What do you do in your free time?I try to stay productive in my free time. I usually will work out right after work, and I have been getting really into that recently. I have gotten more into drawing and working on more projects to add to my portfolio.

Advice:I wanted to take a little space here to say that I honestly haven’t enjoyed my co-op. I am not sure if other girls have been through this before, and I hope other girls don’t have to go through this. The experience of not liking a job you have to do is very draining and complicated. It will start to feel like a waste of time, or you start to wish you weren’t there at all. The advice I can give for this type of situation is that it is only one job. Sometimes to get where you want to go in your career, you have to start with some jobs that you don’t necessarily like. Trying to have a positive mindset during work is hard, but it is something you need to help get through the day. You won’t love every single co-op or job you get, but learning from the experience is the whole reason you’re there.

Contact info:

Phone number:865-406-9565


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