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Jessica Patterson | Co-op Spotlight

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

During her time in school Jessica Patterson has accomplished many things and found one of her passions: travel!

"I made lifelong friends and memories that I cherish deeply...Trust your ability to tackle anything you set your mind to." -Jessica Patterson

What is your major/minor? I’m double majoring in marketing and international business

What year are you? Senior

What company are you co-oping with? Emerson Technologies

What is your position? Air Conditioning Marketing Communications Co op

Brief job description: I work under the Communications and Planning Market Manager in the air conditioning department. A lot of my responsibilities align with supporting the sales team. This includes providing up to date marketing communication collateral, researching customer insight and feedback, and growing Emerson’s digital presence for AC.

Why did you choose the company? I wanted to work for a reputable company that held an international presence as well.

Where are you located? Sidney, OH

What is your dream job? I’m really interested in a brand management position for a consumer products company, ideally in the cosmetics industry.

How did you find your living situation (apartment etc)? The company had a list of previous co-op housing options. We just had to contact the landlords and find the best fit for us.

How many places have you co-oped?Name the companies. I’ve had two co- ops. Last summer in my hometown (Mentor) at STERIS Corporation and currently at Emerson Technologies.

What do you look for in a potential employer? Company culture has probably been the most influential deciding factor when looking for internships. Also, look for an employer that treats you as an individual and is willing to assign tasks that focus on your strengths versus basic co -op responsibilities that anyone can do.

Interview tips: – Do your research on the company beforehand and understand the industry. – Obvious but important, be yourself.- Ask about company culture. What does the interviewer like most about working there? Odds are, if you don’t like the people you’ll be working around/ with, you won’t enjoy the position.

Where to search for internships/co-ops? Indeed, LinkedIn, and Handshake are my go- to job search sites. Also, just looking on company’s websites that you’re interested in working at to see what their current job openings are since they’re not always posted on other sites. Also, use your resources! Who do you know? Explore your professional and personal network base.

What do you miss the most being on co-op? I miss having things around me to do. Sidney, Ohio, for those of you who aren’t aware, has nothing… not even a mall or Target! So, I definitely miss being in the city atmosphere with my girls. Miss list food, Currito and Drunken Bento for sure!

Best part about being on co-op? I really enjoy building relationships and the continuous networking opportunities. I also really enjoy the people I work with. As uninteresting as the industry may be, the AC department has some amazing team members.

What do you do in your free time? My time after work usually consists of the gym, grocery store, and cooking meals for the week. I have yet to stay in Sidney for a weekend, so you can catch me in Cincinnati or Columbus.

What I’ve learned: Explore different industries, different types of companies, and different locations. You never truly know what you like and dislike if you don’t explore options and step out of your comfort zone. For instance, I thought I’d only want to work for a consumer products company (which STERIS and Emerson aren’t specifically), but in reality, I just want to work with people that I enjoy interacting with. Regardless of the industry, the people are what makes the culture enjoyable. Being in Sidney on co-op, I’ve also learned that I am a city girl through and through. I need entertainment and activities. Yes… I need Cincinnati construction and rush hour. My last little, unrelated plug is to TRAVEL. Going abroad this past summer was the best experience of my life and college is the best time to make it happen. I signed up for the trip, not knowing anyone that I was going with. I made lifelong friends and memories that I cherish deeply. However, if going abroad isn’t for you, then explore a different city, a different state, anything! Trust your ability to tackle anything you set your mind to.

Contact info:

Phone number: 440-487-8090


Insta: jpatttttt

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