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Spring Sisterhood Retreat

By Kate Plaugher

It can be hard to find time to meet new sisters outside of chapter meetings. It's also easy to overlook the importance of vulnerability and awareness. Retreats are a great way to reconnect and relax, and this past Saturday, we held our first sisterhood retreat of the new year! We spent the afternoon participating in bonding activities, playing Pictionary, and focusing on our sisterhood. The best part? Ice cream!

"Sisterhood retreats are personally one of my favorite parts about this chapter.

They’re a great opportunity to bond with sisters that you’re close with, and grow closer

with the girls you didn’t know as well. Every time, I am amazed at the vulnerability of

some of these girls, and the environment that this chapter has cultivated is so

supportive-- it always reminds us why we decided to be here in the first place, and I

can’t wait to eventually share these events and bond with a new pledge class" -Kate Plaugher

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